On Fleek: Emphasize Your Eyebrows the Right Way

On Fleek: Emphasize Your Eyebrows the Right Way

You’ve probably heard the term “eyebrows on fleek” before. A lot of those eyebrows are… well, not “on fleek.” (If you’re out of the loop, it means “on point.”) Over the last few years, many women have been getting bolder with eyebrow experimentation, leading to everything from exotic beauty to total disasters.

It’s easy to ignore or overlook your eyebrows, but they’re actually a very important visual element in the overall appearance of your face. The shape, size, and definition of your eyebrows helps to frame your face. When done correctly, enhancing your eyebrows can make a subtle but striking difference, making your eyes look larger and more inviting while complementing your natural facial shape. When done poorly… well, I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of that.

The Elements of Eyebrows: Finding Your Perfect Shape

Eyebrows come in all shapes, types, and sizes, from sparse and light, to the bold, bushy brows of model Cara Delivigne or the Kardashian sisters. The eyebrow craze is going strong, and experimentation is a good thing, but for most of us, it’s probably best to go for a look that’s somewhere in between. Some women look fantastic with big, dark, bold brows; for others, that look simply doesn’t quite work. Everyone’s facial shape and coloration is different, and different brows work for different people.On Fleek: Emphasize Your Eyebrows the Right Way

If you’re interested in enhancing and defining your eyebrows this season– without going overboard– here are a few useful tips:

  • Brush your brows upward. This might seem like an odd thing to do, but it’s actually common among professional makeup artists. Gently brushing the eyebrows upward will expose any thin or sparse areas, which you may want to fill in with color. It also smooths unruly eyebrow hairs.
  • Try vaseline. It’s simple: take a clean mascara brush, and apply vaseline to it. Use the mascara wand to gently brush your eyebrows upward, at an angle toward your temples.
  • For a clean, groomed, angular eyebrow, use an angled brush. Angular eyebrows with clean edges have been popular recently. To get this look without it looking drawn-on or artificial, use a combination of eyebrow powder with an eyebrow gel. With the brush, apply gel and gently define the line just underneath your brows. Then, use powder to fill in the eyebrows themselves.
  • Find the right shape for your brows. From sharp and angled, to nearly straight across, different facial structures are complemented by different eyebrow shapes. To enhance the natural arch, give more shape, or thin out overly thick eyebrows, you may want to tweeze. Don’t overdo it, though. Before you start tweezing, it helps to use an eyebrow pencil to outline the shape that you want, then tweeze around it.

With some common sense and the right products, you can cut through the hype and short-lived fads to find the eyebrow shape, coloration, and size that works the best for your own unique face. Eyebrows are a subtle, but powerful, element in your overall facial appearance. When your eyebrows are “on fleek,” it might not even be all that obvious, but it definitely makes a major difference.