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Setting up the Perfect Game Table: Here’s How to Do It Right

Setting up the Perfect Game Table: Here's How to Do It Right
Setting up the Perfect Game Table: Here's How to Do It Right
Setting up the Perfect Game Table: Here’s How to Do It Right

Arguably one of the most ingenious inventions of mankind, the game table is something absolutely everyone should have at home. An old-school card or board game with our nearest and dearest? Hot chocolate with marshmallows and piping hot, home-made pizza on the side? Or maybe some scoops of ice cream will do the job better? Admit it – there’s nothing quite like it. The feeling of union you get with your friends or family gather round the Sorry! board is simply priceless, even if it’s usually unpleasant circumstances that bring you together like that.

At the board table when it’s cold outside

Starting with the 1983 Bone Chiller, which lasted for 13 days straight, affecting no less than 37 of the states, down to The Great Blizzard of 1993, which slowed down 40% of USA’s entire population, leaving the country in the dark multiple times, we’ve had our fair share of icy, natural disasters. And this year’s terrible Winter Storm Jonas has proved again that the game table is indeed a faithful go-to spot for thousands of families from all across the country.

However, it’s not only during a blizzard that you can take your old games for a ride and believe it or not, a game table doesn’t have to be sophisticated in order to be awesome. You’re not going to need any particularly fancy stuff, because the thing that makes or breaks a game table is actually its location and a few other variables resulting from it.

Natural light all the way

game table

Especially when the weather outside is far from being at its most attractive, natural light – which is always warm, regardless of the time of the year – can go a long way in lifting everyone’s spirits. Bored children and worn out adults alike will undoubtedly feel more attracted to the bright spots in your home, rather than the dark corners, so why don’t you place the game table right in front of a window?

A basement game table? Yes, please!

Setting up the Perfect Game Table: Here’s How to Do It Right
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If want to completely forget about what’s going on outside, no matter how gorgeous the view from those windows of yours may be, a basement game table may be the right choice for you. This option has its advantages, the most important of which is extra space. It goes without saying that unless you live in a huge house, you’re only going to dedicate a part of a room to your game table. But if you choose to the basement, you can turn transform it completely. Bring all your children’s toys and games, stock up on snacks and soda and if you want to go the extra mile, get a sofa in here too. Oh, and don’t forget about good lighting, because you want the place to look like a game room, not a gloomy basement.

 Game tables are all about comfort

Setting up the Perfect Game Table: Here’s How to Do It Right
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No matter how fun the game you’re playing is and how awesome the people around you are, you’re never completely content with the situation unless you’re sitting in a comfy chair. In fact, that’s where half of the pleasure of the games comes; that’s what makes you want to linger on. So let’s quit praising the game table for a moment and start giving the chairs around it some well-deserved attention. Go for ones with backrests and remember that you never know when some old friends may want to visit you, so it’s best that you always have some extra chairs tucked away somewhere in the house.

Make sure everything is at hand

If you have children, chances are that in your heart of hearts, you wish they could just stand still for at least for half an hour a day. If this sounds familiar, then board games are indeed a solution for you. However, if you want the whole affair to end without you having to pick up cards and pawns from all over the house, you should definitely set up a game table in a spacious room where’s plenty of space for all the games, because kids shouldn’t have to bring them from someplace else in the house. Ideally, you should have some shelves there and keep in mind that you get bonus points if all the stuff is easily reachable too. This way, it will be easier for you to convince them to put it back when they’re done with it.

 What’s a game table without games?

Setting up the Perfect Game Table: Here’s How to Do It Right

Before you can put your game table to good use, you need raw materials. Yes, it’s games we’re talking about, so you’d better stock up on everything ranging from classics like chess, backgammon and domino to newer releases like Castle of Mad King Ludwig and the like.