Dog Saves Baby from Kidnappers: Top Dog Loyalty Stories That Will Melt Your Heart

Dog Saves Paralyzed Owner from Car Explosion

Owner: Kathie who is paralyzed paraplegic
Loyal Dog: Eve
Showing her love: When her car caught fire and the heavy smoke blinded her from getting to her chair, Eve pulled Kathie by the ankles to a nearby ditch before the car exploded.

Her determination saved her owner from car explosion

When the car of Kathie, a paralyzed paraplegic owner of a Rottweiler named Eve started burning, her pooch started to pull her by the ankles from the smoldering truck. Once out, Eve continued to drag Kathie to a nearby ditch, far enough to avoid the explosion that followed. Consequently, Eve received the Stillman Award for her unweathering bravery. Woof!