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Here’s How to Fake the House Clean in Under 10 Minutes

Fake the House Clean: Teddy Bear

It’s an evening like all others, and it’s just you and Ben and Jerry’s at home when you suddenly get this text:

“Hey, I’m passing by your house on my way home. Mind if I come over?”

Even though your house is far from being clean and they’ll be there in 15 minutes tops, it’s one of your besties who’s asking, so you have to say yes.

Yep, this scenario is totally realistic, and this is one of those cases in which you have no other choice but to employ your fake cleaning skills. If you don’t have any yet, you’d better keep reading.

Get down to some quick vacuum madness

You may not be aware of it, but the state of the living room carpet generally says a lot about how clean the entire house is. Luckily, you don’t need more than a minute to make it look like new.

Give your couch some attention

 Fake the House Clean: Your Couch
Fake the House Clean: Your Couch

If you have a sticky lint roller, glide it all over the sofa to get rid of all the nasty hairs. If you don’t have one, just wet your hands a little and go over it with your palms for a quick clean. Flip all your throw pillows over to their cleaner side and give them a good shake to fluff them up again. If you have some others tucked away somewhere in the house, now would be a good time to show them off.

Make all the clutter disappear

There’s no time to be neat right now, so you can cheat a little too. Take all the stuff that’s scattered on the coffee table and the floor and throw it in any container you’ve got on hand. It can be a tote bag, a rattan basket or a regular box, which you can then move to another room where no one’s going to see it for a couple hours. Just make sure you don’t forget about it too.

Let plants and fresh air work their magic

Never underestimate the effect that a vase with some flowers in it and a few randomly placed potted plants can have on your living room. Open a window too and not even you are going to recognize the place – that’s how clean it’s going to look.

Clean up the bathroom in a jiffy

Fake the House Clean: Bathroom
Fake the House Clean: Bathroom

If you have to get the bathroom clean really fast, you must settle for a quick fix. Spray all the surfaces with a window cleaning solution and then swipe them with a soft cloth. Pay extra attention to the mirror, because that’s the first thing a guest will notice.

If there’s any clutter here, throw it in the container we’ve talked about earlier or simply toss it into the bathtub and draw the curtain. You’re in a hurry, so you can spray the toilet too with some window cleaner and flush it before going out of the room.

Bring in some new towels, because the ones already there are probably damp from the humidity and if you can, replace the soap with a new one. Lighting a scented candle or bringing some flowers here would also be a great idea.

Make your kitchen look as clean as Martha Stewart’s 

If your sink is full of dirty dishes, placing them in the dish washer would be ideal, but if you don’t have one, simply put them in the freezer or the oven. Get rid of all the post-its on the refrigerator – you can put them in that bag/basket/box earlier mentioned, if it’s not already full.

Clean air equals clean house

Boil some cinnamon and orange peels, together with any other fancy spices you have around the house to fill the kitchen and the other rooms too with a lovely scent. Go for a tiny pot if you want these beauties to boil extra fast.