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The Most Romantic Restaurants In Every State

ALASKA: Marx Bros, Cafe

most romantic restaurants
Instagram / The Marx Bros. Cafe

The city of Anchorage, AK is the home to the most wonderful Marx Bros. Café, a cafe that puts freshness above everything else. Okay, maybe not above taste and technique, which is just important for executive chef Jack Amon, who makes awesome changes to the menu every night, adding new fresh seafood dishes all the time. His creativity is literally off the charts. I mean, come on, a man whose most popular dishes include Neapolitan seafood mousse or tea smoked duck has got to be brilliant, don’t you think?

And let’s not ignore Van Hale, the cellar master who’ll let you exactly which wine goes perfectly with your dish. And believe me, with the restaurant’s extensive list, you’re spoilt for choice.

ARIZONA: Quissience, Phoenix

most romantic restaurants
Photo courtesy of Quiessence at The Farm

It’s true that there’s a lot of stuff to see in Phoenix, AZ, but at the same time, you can’t deny that there’s a lot of stuff to taste in this city too. Especially at Quissence, my absolute favorite restaurant in the entire state. Its location is quite convenient too – Phoenix’s Farm, South Mountain property – and mandatory for getting the healthiest and freshest ingredients for clients every morning. Everything the chefs use is grown locally, and believe me – you can feel this when you’re eating at Quissence.

This is the perfect restaurant to go to with your significant other, not just this Valentine’s Day, but also at every time of year. One thing is sure: your meal will be absolutely delightful. And it will taste even better, knowing that local farmers have had a hand in it too.