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The Most Romantic Restaurants In Every State

WEST VIRGINIA: The Bavarian Inn, Shepherdstown

West Virginia: most romantic restaurants
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I know we’re supposed to be talking about restaurants from all across the United States here, but at the same time, I want to give you details about the most romantic spot in every state. Which is exactly why I’ve decided to talk about The Bavarian Inn, a restaurant in Sheperdsville that will make you feel like you’ve been transported to an old, rural Europe. On the menu you will find both German and American specialties at all times, but on Valentine’s Day, there’s a special menu you can choose. How about Chateaubriand for two, along with a dessert sampler with black forest cake and brandy chocolate mousse?

If you want to try something that you don’t eat every day, something American and foreign at the same time, you definitely have to come here.

WISCONSIN: Ardent, Milwaukee

Wisconsin: most romantic restaurants
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With the amazing work that he is doing for Ardent, Chef Justin Carlisle is the star of Milwaukee. And I am serious about that. I never would have thought that a menu that is so short could be so damn awesome. Best thing is, you can choose from a selection of small plates, so that you can enjoy more than one dish and get a taste of everything. You could start with squash soup, for instance and add some salt roasted celeriac on the side, or simply go for a regular sized meal like smoked lentil ravioli.

Whatever you choose, you and your partner are sorted for Valentine’s Day if you choose to go here. Maybe we’ll even meet there!

WYOMING: Cafe Genevieve, Jackson Hole

WYOMING: most romantic restaurants
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Just because it’s Valentine’s Day, it doesn’t mean you can’t chill with your partner in a cozy place. I mean, you don’t always have to go to a sophisticated place to enjoy a romantic dinner with them, right?

If you agree with me, then you are going to absolutely adore Café Genevieve, a spot where the atmosphere will make you feel as if you were at home, the only difference being that the Chef and a brilliant team of workers will do all the hard work for you and bring the most delicious versions of comfort foods to your table. Their mac and cheese, for instance, is nothing like anything I’ve ever tasted, as is their fried chicken.

And come on, let’s not pretend that willow trees aren’t romantic, okay?